Use Scare Tactics to Communicate Major Incidents

Renato Prestes & TJ Larkin

Published in: Chemical Engineering Progress, August, 2018.

Communicating Safety - Handout
Safety & Health Division Dinner
American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Words that Change Behavior

Communicating Safety
The Silver Bullet

Using Supervisors to Reduce Accidents

You Know Safety,
But You Don't Know Communication

Fixing Communication in Oil Refineries

Communicating Big Change

Using Small Communication For Big Changes

Improving Step Back 5x5

Roberts & Larkin
AIChE 2017 Spring Meeting
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Supervisors as Center of Safety

Prestes & Larkin
AIChE 2017 Spring Meeting
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Shale Oil & Gas -
Don't Let Communication Mistakes Cause an Accident

AIChE 2014 Spring Meeting

Improving Safety Communication

Petroleum Safety Conference 2014 - Banff, Canada

Improving Safety Communication

Calgary Petroleum Club - Breakfast Presentation

Comunicación sobre Seguridad:
Lo que funciona major

6° CCPS Conferencia Latinoamericana
de Seguridad de Procedimiento
Buenos Aires, Argentina