Presentation - Workshop - Consulting

Presentation or Meeting

One to three hours

TJ shows the best and worst safety communication in:

  • Mining
  • Oil & gas
  • Chemicals
  • Manufacturing

TJ shows how to:

  • Make the communication easier to understand
  • Target supervisors to get behavior change


Six hours

You may choose any combination of meetings, presentations, and hands-on practice.

For example:

  • Meeting with your executive leadership team
  • Presentation to supervisors
  • Hands-on practice for your safety professionals

Onsite Residency

TJ works with your team at your location(s).

Monthly (4 days a week).

TJ, working with your team, produces whatever you need:

  • Lessons Learned
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Safety Training Material
  • Toolbox Topics
  • Other safety communication

Greatest amount of skills transfer between TJ and your team.