Larkin ReWrite - Upload Your Document

Do you have more than one document to upload?

If so, please complete a new "Larkin ReWrite - Upload Your Document" form for each document that you upload.

After submitting your document, you will receive a message:

  • message saying that we received your document (this happens immediately)
  • email with an invoice showing the price if you choose to go ahead with the ReWrite (this invoice arrives within 24 hours of submitting your document)


All documents are treated as confidential. Your original document and our ReWrite of your document will only be released to you or someone you designate as approved to receive the document. If anyone inside or outside your company asks to receive your document or our ReWrite of your document, we will not do so unless we receive permission from you.


You may upload your document and receive an invoice without any commitment to purchase Larkin ReWrite. We will return your original document to you at any time. We do not begin rewriting your document until you ask us to do so. And, we do not return finished document to you until we receive payment.